Jakub Tomczak

I am an assistant professor of Artificial Intelligence in the Computational Ingelligence group (led by Prof. A.E. Eiben) at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. I am also a deep learning researcher (Engineer, Staff) in Qualcomm AI Rersearch in Amsterdam (part-time). Previously, I was a Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellow in Max Welling's group at University of Amsterdam. My main research interests include deep learning, Bayesian inference and deep generative modeling. My CV: [here].


  • Ewelina Węglarz-Tomczak (UvA): systems biology [info]
  • Emiel Hoogeboom (UvA): deep generative modeling [info]
  • Guszti Eiben (VU): computational intelligence [info]
  • Mark Hoogendoorn (VU): machine learning [info]
  • Annette ten Teije (VU): knowledge representation [info]

PhD students

  • David Romero (VU): equivariant neural networks and attention
  • Gongjin Lan (VU): learning controllers of evolvable robots
  • Alessandro Zonta (VU): learning urban behaviors using EAs and VAEs
  • Emile van Krieken (VU): learning discrete structure
  • Maximilian Ilse (UvA): deep learning and causality for medical data

MSc students

  • Ioannis Gatopoulos (UvA-VU): variational auto-encoders
  • Michael Accetto (VU): analysing flow-based models
  • Burcu Kucukoglu (VU-CWI): spiking neural networks and RL
  • Justus Huebotter (VU): spiking neural networks and RL

Former students

PhD students


MSc students: